Trek Bike Attack

img_0888Trek Bike Attack Lenzerheide dsc02462#3

On the last weekend of august I jumped off the plane from Whistler and straight into Lenzerheide for Trek Bike Attack. It was my third time competing in the mass downhill race. It’s always a pleasure to ride it even if it means war to shred the 16km downhill, 250 HM uphill as fast as I can with about 30 other girls and 650 other men.

They have changed the Qualification course this year. Normally it was a bikepark lap but this year we had to race the track to Churwalden with an uphill over about 2mins. It doesn’t sound much to pedal uphill for 2 minutes but these 2 minutes mean death or alive. I almost puked into my helmet hahaha. On raceday I got up at 5am to have a good position on the start line and I finished 7th in the end. I’m super stoked about the result as I don’t ride downhill that much. The day was perfect when my Trek colleague Armin Beeli finished 2nd and Tracy Moseley from Trek Factory Racing 1st.

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