1. Mons Royale Urban to Alpine Video




    credit: Florian Breitenberger



    credit: Florian Breitenberger

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  2. Enduro One Race win in Aschau

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  3. E-MTB race win in Willingen

    1. 1.Kathi Kuypers
    2. 2.Greta Weithaler
    3. 3.Steffi Marth
    4. 4.Karen Eller
    5. 5.Carina Mohr


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  4. The Crankworx World Tour is a wrap.

    I took part in Dual Speed & Style, Pumptrack, Whip Offs and Air Downhill. It was a hell of a great time and I cannot wait to compete at Crankworx events in 2018, too.
    For me, the best event was Innsbruck because there were all my friends from back home cheering. Whistler is the best location, because Dirt Merchant, the whole Whistler Bikepark and Canada is unbeatable with its offer of Mountainbiking.

    credit: Boris Beyer

    credit Norbert Szasz

    more than proud about Nico Scholze at Joyride

    Senderellas on “Top of the World” : Bine Höll, Vali Höll, Leni Krug, Michelle Hagleitner

    I always travel with “light” luggage

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