Bikes and Beats at Saalbach Hinterglemm

Hot summer is making me sweating while shredding my bike, it shows, it’s July and the “Bikes and Beats festival” in Saalbach Hinterglemm is coming. This event is very important for me, because 3 years ago at exactly this event, Trek first paid attention on me. I attented the Gang Battle Race and became 5th, even with a crash at the start. You can imagine if 40 riders start at the same time, there’s gonna be a huge battle at the beginning and I got stucked.

But this year, I attented the Dual Slalom race, got 4th and had a great time again. Trek built a huge pumtrack in front of their event area. Katja and I pumped until we fell off our bikes 🙂

Normally, Saalbach is famous for their Slopestyle event, this year they only had an Airbag, but I still had tons of fun on that.



Kathi Kuypers Airbag


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