Barcelona Trip

Kathi Kuypers

Happy New Year out there!

Since I’m more into biking than skiing, I prefer the warmer weather. That’s why I decided to travel to Barcelona. My friends daydreamed about La Poma Bikepark all day long. So why not. Let’s check out the Spanish way of biking. And I have to tell you: I was absolutely stunned. Jumps in all kind of ways, for each level of riding. Perfect conditions for me to improve my riding skills on the dirtbike. My boys Kobi Sturm, Moritz Zapp, Johann Klause, Tobi Engelmann, Tobi Elling, Tom Glaser, Patrick Schneider, Philipp Fenk, Alex Öttl, Kilian Kemptner and Dennis Scharf killed it every bit as the locals Andreu Lacondeguy Alier and Sherwy Pasamonte. Check out Philipp Fenks pictures on Facebook. (

I’m also very thankful to Tobi Engelmann, Johann Klause and Moritz Zapp for teaching me how to jump more actively and how to feel more confident. I thought dirtjumping is way easier but I was put right. It’s freaking tough and absolutely technical. Nevertheless I had such fun doing my first drop with the hardtail and flowing my first dirtline  – I will keep on practicing very very hard to improve my biking.

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