a decent students’ life started

Hi there,

I started studying at a university in Munich. My subjects are Sport- Event- and Media Management. Those who didn’t know, I completed a grammar school education at Gymnasium Bad Aibling. Thereafter I started a medical education in physiotherapy but recognized that this is not my life. From then on I concentrated on BIKING and gathered experiences at BIKE and FREERIDE Magazine. Thanks a lot to Henri Lesewitz, my hero in journalism, Dimitri and Laurin Lehner for always listening to my ideas and Ole Zimmer for giving me the opportunity learning from such a great magazine.

Do what makes you happy.

I always wanted to hang with all those cool bike dudes. They all rode bikes and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. From the first time I watched Joyride, I knew I wanted to be like Brandon Semenuk and nothing would get in my way.

Nevertheless everybody needs a graduation and that’s why I started studying. But I will never neglect my passion.

Ride on!

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